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Since Henry Ford popularized the 40-hour work week in 1926 there has been little change to the structure of factory work.... until now.

We’re empowering factories to transition to a flexible workforce for optimised operations and helping talent find shifts that can work for them.
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Our story

At Gig and Take, we’re passionate about empowering factories to build a fractional, flexible workforce.
Having worked in this space for decades, the founding team experienced the challenges factories faced in hiring and retaining talent as well as the rigid schedule and overtime mandates faced by workers first hand. And this was primarily due to the lack of technology that can help factories manage a flexible workforce.

At Gig and Take, we envision a future where our software solution will help factories create, manage and retain a flexible workforce, creating a win -win situation for factories and workers.

We are excited to partner with factories to create a truly flexible work environment and to help them increase worker engagement and productivity. Together, we can brighten the future of manufacturing in America.
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Our customers

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  • Vivianna Kiser
    After months of hearing about this thing from my friends, I finally decided that I needed it. I'm not disappointed!
    Vivianna Kiser
    Creative Director at Spotify
  • Kari Rasmussen
    Sometimes a product comes into your life that makes you wonder what you ever did without it. For me, this is that product.
    Kari Rasmussen
    Chief Design Officer at Google
  • Azul Baldwin
    I can't believe how much I love this thing. It has absolutely changed my life for the better.
    Azul Baldwin
    Senior UX Architect at Facebook
  • Jordy Eubanks
    When you find something this good, you have to let everyone know about it.
    Jordy Eubanks
    Imagineer at Disney
  • Taelynn Thorpe
    If I had a nickel for every hour this thing saved me in my workflow, I'd have so many nickels that I'd need a coin roller!
    Taelynn Thorpe
    UI/UX Research at Apple

    Our team

    A team built on industry leaders.

    Comprised of experts in manufacturing, production, and HR and with expertise in Factory Ops, HRIS, M&A, our leaders make up the perfect team to help address the flexible workforce revolution.
    Gig and Take | Meet the team | Rahil Siddiqui


    Founder & CEO         

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    Gig and Take | Meet the team | Gnan Vrath


    Co-founder (Technical)

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    Gig and Take | Meet the team | Waheed Syed


    Co-founder (Product)  

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    Gig and Take | Meet the team | Amanda Rhinecker


    Customer Success Leader

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    Rohit    Joshi

    Workforce Transformation Leader

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    Sandra Salisbury

    Customer Success Leader

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    Our backers

    Gig and Take | Backers | SHRM Labs
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    Gig and Take | Backers | Plug and Play
    Gig and Take | Backers | Ben Franklin Technology Partners

    Our Mission

    Enable factories to offer flexible work options.


    Our Vision

    The right worker to the right job at the right time. Every time.