Holman’s Collaboration with Gig and Take Demonstrates How Innovative Labor Solutions Can Address Labor Shortages Effectively


Holman’s Collaboration with Gig and Take Demonstrates How Innovative Labor Solutions Can Address Labor Shortages Effectively

October 17, 2023

Benefits realized in first 90 days:



Labor Pool







Cost Savings



Holman, one of the largest integrated automotive service companies in North America, was facing acute labor shortages due to the difficult labor market in the US. The shortage primarily affected lower-skilled positions like porter and warehousing roles. This meant that thousands of hours were unstaffed. Holman’s tenured and skilled workers would fill in for the lower- skilled roles at overtime rates, which started to negatively impact worker morale and retention while increasing costs. Worker shortage and restaffing through agencies meant higher costs and an inability to grow the top line. To combat these challenges, Holman sought an innovative solution in two of their factories, located in Bartlett, IL, and Kansas, MO.

  • Automotive Service Industry
  • 6700+ employees
  • Founded in 1924
  • www.holman.com

Gig and Take’s innovative software, which is purpose built for manufacturing and supply chain companies, offered Holman a unique solution to address their challenges.

Gig and Take’s platform seamlessly integrated a flexible working model in parallel to Holman’s regular full-time shift structure. This enabled Holman to tap into a labor pool of candidates seeking flexible working arrangements that were previously unavailable.

The gamified worker app provided real-time information to the flex worker pool about available shifts. Flex workers received instant notifications about open shifts, allowing them to select shifts that matched their availability.

The platform also offered supervisors real-time visibility into which shifts were being accepted by flex workers. This enhanced scheduling efficiency for the facilities and contributed to a reduction in operational disruptions.


Benefits were seen by multiple stakeholders at Holman, including operations leadership, supervisors, the recruiting team, and newly onboarded flex workers.

Corporate recruiter at Holman

The flexibility Gig & Take offers has opened doors for people with varying commitments and it supports my efforts in creating an inclusive and supportive work environment.

Agi Karalyos
At a glance - First 90 days:
✔ 10X applicants received in the first 2 weeks.
✔ $20k Saved in overtime cost.
✔ Reduced recruitment costs.
✔ Labor utilization increased.
✔ 15 flex workers onboarded.
✔ Exploring additional job titles to add to flex worker pool.
Operations Leadership & Site Supervisors Recruiting Team Flex Workers
● Fill shifts faster when there are last-minute call-offs. ● Improved quality of candidate pool for flex workers. ● Sign up for shifts that work for their schedules via Gig and Take’s real-time app.
● Manage labor efficiently to meet changing customer demand. ● Increased quantity of applications for flex work: 170 applications received in the first 2 weeks. ● Receive instant notifications of available shifts.
● Reduction in mandatory overtime and overtime costs. ● Supports existing efforts in creating an inclusive work environment. ● Get to be part of a great culture at Holman.
● Savings on third-party agency costs. ● Potential opportunities to transition to full-time employee.
● Improved employee morale.

This case study highlights the importance of adaptability and technology-driven solutions in managing labor challenges within the manufacturing and supply chain industry, enabling sustained growth and operational excellence.